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Compose: 2013

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THE 2013




Saturday, May 1, 2013

Writers participated in the following workshops:

What’s Happening in the World of Publishing Jeff Baker

Feeding your Imagination: How to Break Old Patterns, Learn New Words and Surprise Yourself Wendy Willis

The Beautiful Lie: Emotional Truth in Writing Fiction Trevor Dodge

Writing For, With, and About Veterans Jeff McAlpine & Marlene Broemer

The Effective Modern Memoir Susan DeFreitas

“Failure is the Only Option” Keynote Speaker Sue Mach

Playwrights and Wrongs: Making Character and Conflict Work Together Taylor Donnelly

Anyone Can Write a Song: Songwriting Workshop Amanda Spring & Nick Jaina

Grounding the Rootless: Nature Writing as Self-Discovery Ryan Davis

Writing Comics: Pages, Panels, and the Space Between Diana Schutz

Turning Big Truth into Art: The Essential Work of Poetry and Fiction Jaime Wood & Nicole Rosevear

Kick Start Your Art: How Self-Publishing and Crowdsourcing Can Launch Your Writing Career Simon Tam & Lauren Knowles

Memoir and Truthiness: Breaking Down Life Lidia Yuknavitch

Voicing the Sacred: Writing Rituals, Prayers, Accolades, Blessings, Charms, and Other Works of Daily Life Susan Pesznecker

Comics Brian Michael Bendis

Sleeping With Your Verbs, Dancing With Your Appositives: Grammar Concepts for Improving Style James Bryant-Trerise

Self Publishing and Editing Heather Frazier & Lee Shaw


Hemingway pic

On Friday, May 31, 2013, we viewed and celebrated an original eight-page letter Ernest Hemingway composed in the Inglaterra Restaurant-Café-Bar in Havana in May 1933 and sent to his friend and hunting companion Charles Thompson.

This letter was generously donated by Larry Peterson, who was honored during the evening.

Dinner, music, literary trivia, and other fun adventures were enjoyed by all.

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THE 2012




Saturday, May 19, 2012

Writers participated in the following workshops:

Writing For, With, and About Veterans
Jeff McAlpine & Marlene Broemer, CCC English faculty

Writing for and about Veterans. Literature examined will include pieces from current and past wars. Attendees will have the opportunity to write their own experiences with war.

Anyone Can Write a Song
Songwriting with Julie Vitells from the band What Hearts & Amanda Spring from the band Point Juncture, WA

Breaking and Entering: Getting In When the Answer is Always No  (from book to film)
Monica Drake, author of Clown Girl

Writing Fiction
Trevor Dodge, CCC English faculty

 12-1:30pm Lunch (provided)

Join Paulann Petersen, Oregon’s Poet Laureate, adored and accomplished poet and teacher, and former Stegner Fellow at Stanford University, as she presents “Writing and Hierarchy: The Trouble with Good, Better, and Best.”

1:30-3:00pm Writing Workshops

Preparing Manuscripts for Publication
Ryan Davis, English faculty and Editor in Chief of CLR, Clackamas Literary Review

Explore writing market analysis; creative nonfiction, fiction, poetry, and drama manuscript formatting; and effective cover letter creation

What’s Happening in the Publishing World
Jeff Baker, The Oregonian’s book editor

Poetry of Place
Michele Glazer, Poet and Associate Professor at Portland State University

How to Write the Weird: The Whys, Hows, and Ways of Valuable Estrangements
Matt Schumacher, Poetry Editor of Phantom Drift and CCC English faculty

Giuseppe Arcimboldo, a sixteenth-century Italian painter, became famous for painting faces made of vegetables, fruit, sea creatures, and tree roots. Like Arcimboldo, workshop participants too may find that sudden weirdnesses of self-expression can be more than incredibly liberating; such seeming digressions might ultimately better their work. This workshop will reveal methods writers can use to valuably de-familiarize and otherwise add a wild side to their writing.

With Words from the Mouth of a Stranger
Paulann Petersen, Oregon’s Poet Laureate

How much surprise and discovery are you willing to let enter your poems? Join Paulann Petersen in a writing workshop dedicated to creation of new work that might welcome the surprising and unexpected.  Using notable poems as springboards, we’ll turn ourselves loose in the current of language, generating new work as we go. The goal is to have each participant leave the workshop with material ready to be fashioned into poems. All levels of experience are welcome.

3:00-4:30pm Writing Workshops

Reading, Writing, & Craft
CLR authors and Ryan Davis, English faculty and Editor in Chief of CLR, Clackamas Literary Review

Hear authors published in CLR read from their work and discuss their inspired writing practice.

Author Marketing
Therese Patrick (CCC alum) and Morgan Kennedy

Memoir and Truthiness:  Breaking Down Life
Lidia Yuknavitch, author of The Chronology of Water, finalist for the Oregon Book Award

Here is a link { Board presentation Compose 2012 } depicting 2012’s conference.  Special thanks to Rose Lefebvre for the photos.

2012 Compose Photos

Paulann Petersen’s Keynote Address

“Anyone Can Write a Song” with Julie Vitells and Amanda Spring

“Memoir and Truthiness: Breaking Down Life” with Lidia Yuknavitch

“How to Write the Weird: The Whys, Hows, and Ways of Valuable Estrangements” with Matt Schumacher

“Reading, Writing, and Craft” with Clackamas Literary Review authors Bethany Reid,
Lisa Ohlen Harris, Kait Heacock, Eric le Fatte, Ruth Beck, and Sara Kirschenbaum

Compose 2012 Registration

Seated: Instructor Judy Peabody, 2012 CCC Student Writer Laureate Abby Baker, and Instructors Nicole Rosevear and James Bryant-Trerise

(Photos by Joshua Dillen)

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