Compose: 2014 Schedule

The 2014


Creative Writing Conference

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Roger Rook Hall, 2nd floor

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Compose: Schedule

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Registration: 9:00-10 AM, Roger Rook, 2nd floor hall

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Session One: 10-11:30 AM

Pete Krebs “Songwriting: Telling Stories Through Song”

Workshop participants will work directly with noted regional singer/songwriter Pete Krebs, exploring a variety of angles from which to approach composing story-based musical works.  This workshop is geared towards those who would like to expand their perspectives on the art of songwriting, and can also serve as a “sounding board” for works in progress.  Though some songwriting experience is beneficial, the workshop will be of help to both beginners and those interested in the craft from a non-musician point of view.

Taylor Donnelly “One Act, Infinite Possibilities”

Who says a play has to have an intermission? In this session, we will plumb the potential of the one-act play for unexpected treasures of depth, fun, and experimentation. We will read a little, talk a little, write a lot, and uncover the possibilities contained between curtains.

Jay Ponteri (fiction)

Marlene Broemer & Jeff McAlpine “Writing For, With, and About Veterans”

Write about a veteran you know and his or her experience transitioning to civilian life. Write about an event that happened in wartime. Write a letter to someone that doesn’t understand what you experienced. Write a letter to a veteran about what you don’t understand. Suggest and share your own prompts. Help us start a veteran’s writing group!

Trevor Dodge (memoir)

Laura Stanfill “The World of Small Press Publishing”

Get an insider’s view of the independent publishing movement with Laura Stanfill, founder of Portland-based Forest Avenue Press, recipient of a 2014 Oregon Literary Fellowship. We’ll discuss submissions, the editorial process, print-on-demand technology, and the promise and perils of carving out a career in storytelling. Workshop participants are encouraged to bring query letters for discussion and specific questions about the publishing industry.

Jaime Wood  “‘You have to be always drunk’: The Craft and Energy of Prose Poetry”

What is prose poetry exactly? How does a poem’s energy, tone, and meaning change when line breaks go away? How does a piece of prose become poetic? Why must we “be always drunk”? Find out in this workshop. We’ll examine several prose poems from Charles Baudelaire to Russell Edson, and then write and share our own prose poems.

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Lunch: 11:45-12:45

Keynote Speaker: Sean Davis, author of The Wax Bullet War

Turkey or Vegan Sandwich from Just A Bite Cafe * (please preorder via the Registration page, only $10)

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Session Two: 1:00-2:30 PM

Sean Davis (veterans writing and art)

Brandi Dawn Henderson “Narrative Travel Writing”

When we travel, we are able to see through new eyes. In this workshop, participants will learn how to focus in on topics that are interesting and relevant to readers and publishers of travel writing. We will begin by discussing what typically works in narrative travel writing, and what things writers may want to avoid. After given a prompt, participants will consider one element of a previous personal journey, keeping in mind suggestions from the opening discussion, and will be given the opportunity to free-write and briefly share ideas they may want to expand upon. Finally, we will touch upon important things to keep in mind when writing a travel-related query letter, before opening the floor any travel writing-related questions, answered by the instructor based on her experience as the co-creator and Editor-in-Chief of Outside In Literary & Travel  Magazine.

Kevin Sampsell “Vivid Snapshots In Your Fiction”

Learn the tricks of writing affective moments in your fiction or memoir, by creating lingering images and sensory sensations. These are the moments, often used in flash fiction or the short chapters in your favorite books, that make ideas and scenes bloom in your mind far beyond the page, like a haunting snapshot that suggests more. It’s the art of giving a small moment a larger impact and making the reader say, Whoa!  

Nicole Rosevear (fiction)

Diana Schutz “Writing Comics: Pages, Panels, & the Space Between”

Join Dark Horse executive editor Diana Schutz for a look at this narrative art form. The presentation will focus on the medium’s basic visual elements and how these impact comics scripting, as well as the differences between writing prose and writing comics or graphic novels. This will be followed by a workshop session in which participants analyze a short comics script, then write their own.

James Bryant-Trerise “Grammar for Writers”

Follow rules, break them, make your own, then break those–we’ll study the intersection of grammar and style and see how your sentences can pack more punch. Don’t forget to bring your own writing to this workshop… Grammar study don’t mean squat if you ain’t workin’ with your own stuff!

Joanna Rose (poetry)

Dave Mount “Blogging for Writers”

Workshop participants will view and analyze several writers’ blogs, as well as promotional tools such as Facebook, then learn some ways to begin their own blog. The workshop is geared towards those who are interested in the possibility of starting a blog, and it will begin with the basics. More experienced bloggers are also welcome, and the content can be adjusted depending on the interests of the group. The workshop will meet in a computer lab, but participants are welcome to bring their own computers.

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Session Three: 2:45-4:15 PM

Matt Love “Of Walking in Rain”

Rain is ubiquitous in Oregon, an essential part of living here, but many writers consider it merely as weather and something to include in stories only as an afterthought. In this workshop, writers will participate in a creative thinking and writing workshop where they will confront rain in non-meteorological terms with the intent of unlocking powerful metaphors that will enhance the writing process and creative life.

Sue Mach “The Art of Dialogue”

Jamie S. Rich “Pitching a Home Run”

You only have one chance to make a first impression. Comics writer and editor Jamie S. Rich takes you through the process of writing a pitch for your comic book series, including formatting your script samples, so you can give publishers exactly what they need.

Sue Peznecker “Writing with Scissors: A Multi-Genre Approach to Journaling”

Many people love to journal, but have you journaled with deckling scissors, a burnt sienna crayon, and a cerulean pastel? Have you ever enlivened your journaling with a quick sketch, a funky border, or a bit of ancient manuscript-esque illumination? We all use different typefaces in our computer work, but when was the last time you experimented with a handwritten font? Come to this workshop and bring your inner muse to life with a variety of creative (and fun!) approaches guaranteed to inspire your journaling process.

Jeff Baker (news writing)

Perrin Kerns (digital storytelling)

Clackamas Literary Review Release and Reading

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* Lunch must be ordered via Registration no later than Thursday, May 29, 2014.  There are no other food options on campus on the weekend, so please plan accordingly and bring whatever food and drinks you need to be comfortable.  Workshops are in Roger Rook Hall.  Lunch is in Gregory Forum.  All buildings are handicapped accessible.  Parking at Clackamas Community College is free.